Metal Four Drawer Grey Filling Cabinet


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Metal Four Drawer Grey Filling Cabinet

Dimensions: 1320mm (Height) x460mm (Width) x620mm (Depth)

Elevate your office organization with our Metal Four Drawer Grey Filling Cabinet, a pinnacle of functional design and durability. This robust cabinet is finished in a sophisticated, neutral grey that seamlessly integrates into any office decor, from modern minimalist to industrial chic.

Constructed from high-grade metal, this filing cabinet is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, making it ideal for busy professional environments. It features multiple deep drawers, each equipped with a smooth glide mechanism for effortless access, and a label holder to keep your files meticulously organized.

The drawers are spacious enough to accommodate a variety of file sizes and are lockable, providing secure storage for confidential documents. The cabinet’s tall and slender profile is space-efficient, offering substantial storage capacity without occupying too much floor space.

Our Metal Four Drawer Grey Filling Cabinet isn’t just a place to store your documents; it’s a commitment to keeping your workspace streamlined and productive, with a professional look that conveys efficiency and order.