Medium Size Round Oak Meeting Table




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Oak Round Meeting Table

Dimensions: 730mm (Height) x 1000mm (Diameter)

Introducing our Oak Round Meeting Table – the ideal focal point for facilitating dynamic discussions and creative collaboration in any professional setting. This table features a robust oak veneer top that offers natural beauty and a durable surface for the wear and tear of daily office life. The round design encourages an open and inclusive atmosphere, ensuring that each participant can engage with one another with ease.

The table is supported by a sturdy, central column base that provides ample legroom while maintaining a sleek and unobtrusive profile. This design choice not only maximizes comfort but also allows for flexible seating arrangements. The elegant simplicity of the oak finish is versatile enough to complement any office decor, adding a touch of timeless sophistication.

Perfect for small to medium-sized teams, this table encourages free-flowing communication and makes an excellent choice for breakout sessions, team huddles, or informal client meetings. Enhance your meeting room with our Oak Round Meeting Table, where form meets function for a truly collaborative experience.