Half Moon Wheeled Oak Desk


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Half Moon Wheeled Oak Desk

Dimensions: 750mm (Height) x1500mm (Width) x750mm (Depth)

Introducing our versatile Half Moon Wheeled Oak Desk, a unique and practical solution for your dynamic workspace needs. This desk features a sturdy half-moon tabletop with a warm oak finish, providing a spacious surface that’s perfect for individual tasks or group workshops.

The desk is supported by a strong metal frame finished in a neutral grey, ensuring stability and longevity. Designed for flexibility and mobility, it is equipped with smooth-rolling casters that make repositioning a breeze, whether you’re rearranging for a presentation or moving to a collaborative space.

The semi-circular design of this desk encourages conversation and interaction, making it ideal for educational environments or creative brainstorming sessions. When not in use, its shape allows for nested storage with similar desks, maximizing space efficiency.

Our Half Moon Wheeled Oak Desk combines functionality with ease of movement, making it an excellent addition to any office, classroom, or collaborative area where adaptability is key.